Trust work on plans to improve iconic Ashes

Trust work on plans to improve iconic Ashes


Following the arson attack which destroyed the landmark pavilion in the Ashes Playing Field in Howden on Easter Monday, the Ashes Playing Field Trust – a group of 15 volunteer Trustees – have held an emergency meeting to discuss the future of the popular park.

The Trust have arranged for what remains of the pavilion to be made safe and secure and very shortly the debris will be removed from the site. The Ashes Trust is a charity that has to work hard to raise funds to support all its work. Removal of the charred debris to a registered waste disposal site has been estimated at a cost of over £3,000. This clearance work will be completed prior to the Mayfest event, due to be held in the Ashes on Sunday 3rd May.

The Trust also appreciates the iconic significance of the old pavilion to the community and how its loss has affected people within the town and the surrounding area.

The Ashes Trust had already begun to work on improvement plans that will bring a major overhaul to the Playing Fields and the fire has now given particular impetus to this work. A Landscape architect is being consulted with a view to drawing up draft plans for the improved Ashes. Once these plans are available it is hoped to hold a public meeting/consultation exercise so that the views of the whole community can be listened to and used to influence future developments.

An example of improvement work that the Trust has commissioned and that is already close to fruition is the new children’s Play Park. Costing in the region of £60,000 and developed in consultation with the children at Howden Infant and Junior Schools this exciting play equipment will enhance that sector of the park used by the younger children. An opening date of late May is anticipated for the new Play Park.

In the meantime the Trust knows that improvements to The Ashes that will benefit all sectors of the community will not come without significant cost and fund raising will need to take place on a mammoth scale. All donations will continue to be very welcome and fund raising events for the Ashes development are being encouraged. The Trustees will also be making appropriate grant applications to support the work.

To keep up to date with developments please consult our website The Ashes is a beautiful park in a town steeped in history and with well thought out plans for improvement will continue to provide hours of enjoyment and happy memories for young and old alike well into the future.

The Ashes Playing Field Trust