Main Field

This is home to events such as Mayfest and Howden Show. It has also been home for various sports teams in sports such as football, cricket and rounders. The iconic pavilion, which you can see on the image above, was destroyed in a fire in April 2015.

Multi-use games area

The centre of the Ashes contains the multi-use games area and bowling greens. The bowling greens are in use almost every day when it is sunny, while the multi-use games courts are flexible and can be used for all sorts – football and basketball are the most likely to be seen. £46,000 improvements to the bowls greens are planned for the autumn of 2015.


Diamond Jubilee Walk

The Rose Walk was renovated in time for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2014. The project was funded by donations and grants.

Daphne D’Ark Playpark

The play equipment was renovated at a cost of £70,000, funded by donations and grants, and opened in the summer of 2015.