Can you help us build an Ashes archive?

Can you help us build an Ashes archive?

The Ashes Trust are asking for help to create a photographic archive of the park.

The Ashes was donated to the people of Howden in 1927, and the Trust has been looking back through its records to find as much information as possible which can be made public on our website.

For instance, we know a football club was first formed to play on the site in 1928, the iconic cricket pavilion was built in 1932 and that the Second World War saw sheep graze on the main field before it was dug up to grow potatoes for the war effort. Hockey and tennis clubs have also previously called the Ashes home.

We have a few newspaper clippings and photos which have made their way to the Trust over the years, but hope this is just the start, We want to collect as many images as possible so we can build a true reflection of the site’s history and share it with residents present, past and future.

If you have images of the park’s past we’d love to hear from you. If you have images you are willing to scan, please do so and email the images to

If you have prints you are willing to lend or donate to the Trust, we will accept them at our stand at Howden Show on Sunday July 5 or Summerfest on Saturday July 11 – please let us know a return address if you want them returning, with a stamped address envelope if not local.